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About Launch It Girl

Launching a new business is sort of like feeling your way through an obstacle course. Blindfolded. With your shoelaces untied.

That’s why Launch It, Girl makes launching your business simpler, more straightforward, and way more fun—no matter your budget.

CUSTOM SERVICES + Business resources

Not only do we provide full-service custom brand development, but we’re also creating affordable tools to make it easier to DIY your branding, web design, and copywriting.  

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Lauren is a brand strategist, web designer, and graphic designer. She is the Founder of Lauren DeLoach Creative, her independent graphic and web design business, where she began helping women develop their brands and launch their businesses. An ever-adventurous entrepreneur, she built LDC from her laptop while traveling the globe, making her home base in Seoul, South Korea for 2 years before moving back to the USA.

She brings creativity, a designer’s eye, technical skills, and a witty sense of humor to the Launch, It Girl team.

“This lady is top notch. I love Lauren so much- I feel like we became friends through the process of her completely rebranding my business and redesigning my website. Everyone I've shown it to is in love, I'm completely over the moon and I could not be happier with her service.”

Zoe Burchard, Zoe Burchard Photography



Chelsea is an brand strategist, copywriter, and creative communications specialist with a passion for building and growing small businesses. She started CLG Storytelling back in 2016, then doing content creation for startups and other miscellaneous writing gigs. Over time, she discovered the her passion for helping entrepreneurs grow their business by communicating more effectively, and has been working with innovators across industries ever since.

Chelsea brings a strategic mind, the skill of wordcraft, a knack for simplifying the complex, and a lighthearted sense of fun to the Launch It, Girl team.

“Working with Chelsea felt so natural, it was like talking with a friend I've known for years. She was quickly able to share insights about how I can best introduce myself. Chelsea offered great ideas that help my clients understand the impact of the work that I do. If you are looking for clarity in delivering your story, I would highly recommend Chelsea!”

Many Jankus, Radiant Spirit Coaching


So, here's the story:

Before Launch It, Girl came to be, cofounders Lauren Deloach and Chelsea Glaser were both running independent creative branding businesses, Lauren as web and graphic designer, Chelsea as a brand copywriter.

Over time, Lauren discovered her web design projects were being delayed because her clients rarely have any content written, nor were confident in what they wanted to say! She reached out to various Facebook groups in search of a copywriter, and Chelsea’s reply caught her eye. They connected instantly, falling into an easy stride with their partnership and streamlining their processes into one. They shared common ambitions, a girl-power attitude, and gushed about how nice it was to finally have a team to work with.

After several months of client collaborations, they had learned so much from one another and from their experiences that they decided to make their partnership official, so, Launch It, Girl was born. Together, they are able to bring a much more holistic experience to their clients, helping them get clarity in their business models, building a cohesive brand strategy, crafting authentic messaging, and designing stunning websites and graphics.

They have a never-ending stream of big ideas and are having so much fun working together and empowering women to become entrepreneurs.


We’re starting a movement

We want to encourage women to take active steps every day toward their goals, in business and in life-- and to cheer each other on in the process.

That’s why we created the #GirlsMakingMoves community, to bring together the innovative, the resourceful, the tough, and the bossy ladies out there who are making moves to turn their dreams into plans.

Joining the movement is simple

  1. Tag #girlsmakingmoves and @lauchitgirls on social media

  2. Comment some words of encouragement to at least 3 other women who are making moves today.

  3. Spread the word!