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Let's break it down.

Here's what goes into your brand and why it matters.



You can try to build a house without blueprints, but chances are, it’s going to fall over in the first windstorm. 

For similar reasons, developing a brand strategy is the first step in launching a business (or rebranding)! We start by gaining a clear understanding of what your business will do, who it will serve, how it will serve them, and we define short and long-term goals for growth. 

A brand strategy needs to consider things like your customers’ needs, emotions, awareness, and options. This strategy serves as the foundation of your business and will impact everything from color pallets to marketing platforms to scaling strategies.



A brand is so much more than a logo.


A brand is, essentially, a business’s personality. It’s the way a business makes people feel, the tone of voice in which it speaks, and the aesthetic it uses to express itself. 

Your brand should also tell a story about your business. Through strategic positioning, intentional visuals, compelling content, and selection of communication platforms, your brand makes your business feel relatable, engaging, and valuable to your audience.


Graphic Design

Use visual communication to illustrate your brand story.


No brand is complete without custom graphics and designs that illustrate your brand story. Logos, artistic patterns, infographics, email templates, social media posts—these are just a few examples of excellent communication tools. A wide variety of visual concepts can be used to draw attention to key points and provide clarity to your audience.



Articulation is the first step to turning your ideas into plans.


Once you can clearly explain the value your business provides, that’s when you can begin connecting with your audience, calling them to action, and converting them into customers. 

Your written content is a key piece to success. Your website content, working in tandem with your web design and your graphics, will help visitors navigate through the website and find the information they’re looking for. Written content explains what you offer and how it works. It can also help set expectations and built trust through intentional use of tone and help give your business a notable, relatable personality. 

Beyond your website, your written content shows up on various platforms such as blogs, social media, and newsletters to further strengthen your voice, tell your story, and communicate what’s going on.


Web Design & Development

A website is like the home base for your business.


Your website will communicate exactly what you offer and who it is for. It creates credibility for your business and give your prospective clients a better sense of how they’re going to benefit from working with/buying from you, and what they need to do next to engage with you.

Your website needs to be attractive, functional, concise, clear, relatable, and have a compelling call to action.


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